Caico Invisible VR

Non-visual VR through scent & soundscape

SXSW2019 TRADE SHOW [Booth #1012]

March 10-13 Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall

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Caico-INVISIBLE VR is a new type of VR that centers auditory and olfactory sensory perception. Explore an abstract VR world through a surround-soundscape synchronized with waves of scents, without accompanying visuals. A certain scent and/or sound can recall a particular memory vividly. The project title Caico comes from the Japanese word Kaiko (nostalgia, reminiscence, retrospect, and cocoon…).

Music piece: “Otocyon Megalotis - 2019 HPL mix-” (evala)


  • evala

    Sound artist, Musician. Born 1976 in Kyoto, Japan. Has been creating edgy works of electronic music, and exploring music experience with the use of 3D sound system as new instruments. He shows “spatial music” as a new way of composition based on his primary project "See by Your Ears," which suggests how sound particles bounce and billow in a completely dark space. In the project, he exhibited his main piece as “Octyon Megalotis”(Sonar+D Spain, 2017) “Our Muse” (ACC, Korea 2018), a spatial audio experience collaborated with Sonic Surf VR of Sony “Acoustic Vessel Odyssey”(SXSW, Austin 2018).

  • Shiseido

    Shiseido is the largest cosmetics maker in Japan and the fifth largest worldwide. Founded in 1872, we have been in business for 147 years. We focus on producing and selling cosmetics and have a presence in 120 countries.
    Shiseido won 26 awards at the International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC), a world record, which demonstrates our globally unrivaled, front-line R&D. As our founder was an artist and pharmacist, our corporate philosophy is to create beautiful, healthy lifestyles.

  • Aromajoin

    Hi! I am Aroma Shooter, an innovative scent device which has the size of a tennis ball. I was born at Aromajoin located in Kyoto, Japan. What makes me 'special' and 'innovative' is that I am the combination of patented hardware, software, and material technologies.
    It allows me to diffuse and switch scents in an interval as short as 1/10 second. You can connect and control me from your phone, tablet, PC, or even Alexa. Besides, have you ever heard about 'solid-type' scents which can last up to 6 months in a dice-size cartridge?
    I love to share with you more, please find me at Aromajoin website.

  • NHK Enterpises

    NHK Enterprises produces, develops, and sells media content, including production of NHK programs and other visual content, event planning and production, program and character licensing, and sales of products such as DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We can respond to a wide range of content-related needs.
    We produce TV and radio programs for NHK, ranging from documentaries and dramas to anime and entertainment. We are also involved in planning and production of large-display visuals using 8K, 4K and other high-definition video and projection mapping, production of theatrical films, and much more.


  • Sound Direction
    evala (See by Your Ears)
  • Flagrance Direction
  • Aroma Device
  • HPL Sound Engineering
    Acoustic Field
  • Art Direction
    Hiroyasu Kimura (Rhizomatiks Design)
  • Web Programming
    Kentaro Mito (armsnox)
  • Planning & Producing
    NHK Enterprises
HPL is a high quality binaural processing technology
for the sound sources of every channel format.